Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Grey Matter!

Still on the trail of the 'dust coloured' jacket - I was watching Mildred Pierce at the weekend and found myself thinking ' Mildred is just the sort of woman who would have appreciated the practicality of such a thing' - now it may be worrying that I am considering what a fictional character would or would not wear, but nonetheless.................... 'dust coloured' could be anything from grey ( which is how I envisage it) to putty, taupe, beige or stone - and lo! when I watched the remainder of the last episode last night there was Kate Winslet as Mildred, wearing a grey suit - she looked bandbox smart and her ensemble showed no ill effects for having been travelled in - all down to the dust coloured jacket I say!

This is not the same outfit as I could not find an image BUT here she is again in a grey jacket - add it to your list of 'must haves' along with the little black dress and those key pieces fashion pages always recommend!

I did love the series by the way and now have a keen desire to watch the Joan Crawford film again ( Joan giving the part her all!) AND read the original novel!

Joan Crawford

On looking for the novel - by James M Cain - I found this selection of his stories - I didn't realise that The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity were also written by him ( just know and love the films) - buying this for sure - that is my holiday reading taken care of!

That will keep MY grey matter ticking over!

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