Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sweater Girls

Although we have been basking in hot sunshine this week ( hard to believe it looking at today's driving rain) I have been thinking about my Autumn wardrobe of late. I have already mentioned my obsession with the new season's Miu Miu dresses - I had my nose pressed firmly against the glass of the Bond Street store yesterday ( much like an urchin gazing at cakes in a bakery - and with the same longing!) looking at one of them, the embroidery is absolutely exquisite - maybe I could take an extension on the mortgage? Back in the land of reality I am thinking a tweed pencil skirt with fitted sweater or elegant blouse will be a more accessible look - there are some fabulous inspirations I can draw on from the original 'sweater girl' Lana Turner to the neat cashmere and pearls of a Nancy Mitford heroine...........

Lana looking fab!

One of our Lands' End classic short sleeved fitted sweaters was used by Grazia recently - worn with flamboyant pineapple print fitted trousers - this same sweater comes in an array of colours and will translate very well to an elegant retro look - it also has a matching cardigan to create a twinset worthy of any Mitford character! Grey Frost Heather and Wild Cherry are my favourite shades and I will be wearing mine with an Agnes b tweed skirt from a couple of seasons ago!

love her twinset!

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