Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dust Jacket!

Talking of Auntie Elsie - she was a big fan of a neat little waisted jacket, often in Grey as she always said it was the most practical colour for every day. Now I am not referring to those which books have when I called this post Dust Jacket - I recall reading somewhere ( it may have been A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux) which stated that every elegant woman should own a 'dust coloured' suit for travelling! How marvellous - I think today a jacket will suffice for this rule!

This close up shows that filigree basket brooch I talked about a couple of posts ago on the lapel of a beautiful vintage Grey jacket very similar to one I recall my Aunt wearing - this one was purchased at one of the Frock Me Vintage Fairs held at Chelsea Town Hall

Here is my favourite  Lands' End Canvas Collection jacket which is very waisted with a real 40s feel, adorned with 2 brooches ( I like the idea of wearing more than one at a time) it takes on a ladylike air very much in tune with this Autumn's catwalk styles - talking of which I am positively lusting after the Miu Miu dresses this coming season - beyond beautiful and with a real grown up glamour - would that my budget ran to one!

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  1. In your Frock Me Vintage link, there's a great pic of a young boy in a fabulous dandy style grey jacket.