Monday, 11 July 2011

Fascinating Women!

Having mentioned the Duchess of Windsor - Wallis Simpson brooch wearer extraordinaire - in my last post I must tell you about the biography of her I am currently immersed in! I love a biography or autobiography - a window into another life - and this one is very absorbing..............

A fascinating insight into an extraordinary woman - not particularly likeable it has to be said, but clearly blessed with an immense presence and charm when she chose to demonstrate it - well worth reading!

And my goodness did the woman know how to dress!

If this inspires you to want further reading matter about fascinating women in the early part of the 20th Century I can recommend these 2 treasures - glamour, intrigue, scandal - they have it all -

The Life of Idina Sackville

The Life of Alice De Janze

The stories of these two extraordinary women are entwined so reading both books really gives an insight - if you find yourself gripped you could then move on to watching the 80's film White Mischief in which they both feature (Alice memorably played by Sarah Miles) - worth it for the clothes alone - although I will never quite recover from the sight of Charles Dance in an evening gown!!!! Really!!!Hilarious and slightly disturbing!

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