Thursday, 7 July 2011

Brooching the subject!

My train of thought has gone from baskets to brooches - how so? I was sorting through my vintage jewellery and realised I have some fabulous ones - including a charming basket of flowers made of filigree with enamel and jewelled flowers, which belonged to my Auntie Elsie ( a big style influence who will no doubt be mentioned frequently in my blog) - and yet I never wear a brooch - time to give them an airing methinks!

Found the ones shown here online at:

Here are some very stylish ladies in their brooches - including Wallis Simpson who really knew the value of a jewel or two!

Wallis Simpson - Duchess of Windsor.


Actress Ruth Wilson ( brilliant in Small Island TV series)
Jennifer Tilly - Actress and Poker player!

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