Monday, 18 July 2011

Travels with my Aunt!

I have just been enjoying a few days off - some of which time has been most productively spent having a sort out! Forgotten clothes have been found in trunks, suitcases and storage boxes all over my flat - many will stay and a few will go - one or two which suddenly feel fresh and new again will be given an outing and may appear here anon!

I have also been going through boxes of old photographs and found these fabulous shots of my aforementioned Auntie Elsie - travels through time with my Aunt would be more apt!. From a tiny girl trussed up in almost Victorian clothes, through the 30s when she looks as though she had just walked off the set of Poirot (very Miss Lemon), and then in the 40s at a wedding looking incredibly chic - I would love to own both of the outfits she is wearing as an adult! I do have the dress she wore to my mothers wedding which is sublime - Black Grosgrain with beaded and sequinned net - watch this space for that one!

Renowned throughout the family as always looking like a fashion plate she never married and ran a clothing and habadashery shop in Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell!

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