Monday, 28 November 2011

Knit Wit!

I truly wish I had persevered in learning to knit well - handknit sweaters are very much 'the thing' right now - be it from the thrifty 'make do and mend' perspective or because of the influence of one 'Sarah Lund' in The Killing!
the new Gudrun and Gudrun 'Sarah Lund' sweater - 240 Euros

There is something very comforting about a homely knit of the homespun variety - it immediately conjures up images of misty autumnal walks, crumpets by the fire and a reassuring cosy feeling. A comfy knit also feels very British somehow and very timeless.

I might try and join a knitting class - John Lewis have some good ones around the country along with a new course called - appropriately enough - Make do and Mend!

Meanwhile I will content myself with this gorgeous sweater from Lands' End which has the right feel and comes in a beautiful Red and has a very similar look to the much more expensive Gudrun and Gudrun original at only £70!

- also just because they are so impossibly cute I will be buying this tree ornament!

If I was still a lilttle girl I would want this for my dolls wardrobe!

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