Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stockholm Style

Just prior to the hideous tonsillitis attack I was in Stockholm on business - what a beautiful city it is! As one arrives at the airport there is a walkway lined with huge pictures of famous and influential Swedes whose home town it is - it struck me as I walked past Abba and Bjorn Borg et al, that 2 of the women I would consider to have been most stylish in cinema history have been Swedish - Greta - The Divine Garbo and Ingrid Bergman and Lo! there they were on said walkway in all their beauty!

There is something very classic, pared down and natural about the style of both these women - they were not showy, ostentatious or glamorous in any obvious way - relying more on a simplicity of style which is timeless and disregards fashion. Garbo shared much in her personal look with Kate Hepburn ( who as you know already I adore) - mannish trousers and coats worn with noncholance and elan. Miss Bergman was more traditionally elegant and feminine but never fussy in her look. This style philosophy seems very true to Stockholm - a city of very well dressed people - but never fussily so!

The Divine Garbo

Once again a crisp shirt comes into play and I love this scarf tied scout style!

Miss Bergman in a trenchcoat!
Another clean pared down look!

The perfect three quarter sleeve crisp shirt can be found at Lands' End - with a very simple pinafore style dress or a well cut wide leg trouser this fits the bill for Ingrid and Greta, Stockholm inspired style! You could even try that Scout style scarf for an interesting variation!

Oh - and so's you don't think I have totally lost my thread - I think both these women also qualify, in their own way as pioneering and inspirational!

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