Friday, 16 September 2011

Grasse Widow

My poor Blog has been sadly neglected for the last few weeks due to illness and, more enjoyably,  that much anticipated holiday in the South of France! My blog has been a grass - or more accurately Grasse Widow!

Glorious sunshine - yet not too hot - I was able to lie out by the pool ( albeit slathered in factor 50) without burning. Bliss indeed!

We missed the annual Jasmine Festival which, if you have never been, is absolutely glorious. I happened to be there in early August some years ago and will forever treasure the memory of streets strewn with Jasmine flowers, and dashing Pompiers spraying jasmine water onto the crowd from vintage fire trucks.

I have drunk more than my fill of Provencal Rose, consumed obscene amounts of smelly cheese and made some fabulous new friends as well. One of these is a wonderful lady who was one of the first women to be involved with the motor racing fraternity in the 60's - possibly one of the least inhibited women I have ever met and brimming with fantastic stories of the goings on when she was a driver, she has inspired me to want to write about the fashion style of adventurous and pioneering women!

Amelia Earhart shall be my starting point and I will see where she takes me.........................

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